His Wife Refused to Let Go When Doctors Did! He Woke Up Later!


Love is a beautiful thing, it possesses the power to change the world. Love can transform a person into a completely different person and has the quality to bring about the best and worst in a person(doctors in this case refused).

Have you ever wondered that, can people come out of a coma?

It all depends on how and to what extent we are attached to somebody. This is a story of that kind of love which has faith in its devotion and stood tall at the face of adversaries and when everybody advised otherwise, ultimately proved everyone wrong.

On July 11th, 2011, the lives of Matt Davis and his wife Danielle changed forever.

At just 22 years-old, David was in a traumatic motorcycle accident that left him clinging to life only seven months after marrying his wife.

can people come out of a coma

The prognosis for Matt wasn’t good. He had broken several bones and experienced a severe traumatic brain injury. He was also in a coma.

Doctors told his wife, Danielle, that he had really low chances of surviving and even if he does survive, there is no telling what shape he will be in if he comes out of the coma.

can people come out of a coma


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