The reason Why men decide to cheat ?


If you’ve ever been scammed on, it’s a devastating feeling. How the person you like lie, and trick you in this horrible way? You’re left feeling hurt and tricked and lost which is hard to have confidence in them or other people again. Let’s consider a few of the explanations why males cheat.

6- It’s in their Blood !

cheatA few men just know how to lie or it’s in their blood, they will cheat and will keep doing it till the time they can get way with this. It just comes naturally to them, some are just born with it.

5- Immaturity

cheatHe might just cheat if he is still in high school or college, so as to look super cool in his circle or might just cheat so as to boast about him ‘being surrounded with women’.

4- If he is as damaged as you have been

cheatMen too go through emotional stress and it takes toll on them the way it does on women, but they fail at handling it miserably!! They don’t show how hurt they are but take it out on woman they date next, and it’s very unfair on women.


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