The Waitress Didn’t Like This Customer! What Happened next were Social Media Lashouts!


USA service industry’s workers depend much on the tip they receive while serving their customers. Waitressing is a tough job and to earn a decent money they have to work their ass out. So for any reason, they are refused the tip, it hit their income very hard. Similar incidents happened in New jersey of the USA with a waitress when she did not get her tip because the customers have to wait 8 hours for their food.

In this article, you will see the waitress was pissed about this customer and called him out on Facebook. With everyone on some kind of social media platform, no one gets away with anything.

#1 The Bill

Social Media Lashouts

This is the tip a waitress received for serving a party of 8 after they waited for an hour for their food.

#2 Docked

Social Media Lashouts

When this type of things happens, often the waitress is docked because of it.


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