These 9 Videos May Be The Creepiest Surveillance Footage Ever Recorded

creepeiest surveillance

Since the times, Security surveillance Cameras have been invented; we all have been fascinated by the insanely weird and exciting things that are caught on them. Apart helping us in catching the criminals, they catch some unexpected and remarkable things that our eyes are unable to see.

creepeiest surveillance

After a quick search on YouTube hundreds of thousands of security camera, footage uploaded by people are found. These footages depict everything from life –or-death situations, ordinary street views to highly intense scenes and even some real-life paranormal encounters.

From millions, I have compiled some of the best for you all to enjoy, although some might even scare you.

So, let’s go through them one by one:-

1- Kudos! To this brave heart who took on a knife-wielding robber who would have other vise robbed the convenience store quickly. With vigilance, he could do this.

See the video to see how this brave man managed to put this robber behind the bars:


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