One Of The Best Ugly Duckling Stories In Recent Times! Haters Gonna Hate


Childhood is a difficult phase for all of us and it becomes even more difficult for people who seems to be a bit different from the normal crowd. Bullying and harsh tone take the center stage in the life of such people who suffers from some kind of physical abnormality and are called ugly.

‘Life is hard’-they learn this lesson hard way and that is the bitter truth.

This the similar story of  Lizzie Velasquez, now 26 years old, who has a rare congenital condition, so rare that it doesn’t even have a name. It affects her vision and her immune system, among other things, but its most obvious impact is on her body.

Velasquez has zero percent body fat and is unable to gain weight.

Ugly Duckling Stories Lizzie Velasquez

While she’s been bullied by forces seen and unseen — cruel playground taunts, strangers sneering on the sidewalk(most often ugly). Commenters on that YouTube video told her to do unspeakable things and calling her unrepeatable names.

Instead of retreating into herself, Velasquez has taken full ownership of her own story and turned it into a force for good.

She started a YouTube channel and began vlogging, delivered a TED Talk that went viral…

Spoke before Congress in support of anti-bullying legislation.

Ugly Duckling Stories Lizzie Velasquez


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