THIS Is What Happens, If You Touch The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue And Breathe


Sleeping is the key to a sane lifestyle and it must come to you involuntarily. Although, some of us have tough times at putting our mind to rest. It’s a common symptom among those who burn midnight oil or have a lot to think about. BreathingWhatever may be bothering your sleep, it can be handled with the recently evolved 4-7-8 breathing technique. The trick has been developed by Dr. Andrew Weil and it’s snoozing down every cranked up eye to lullaby.

3- Why don’t I just read a book?


Before you give in to the conventional idea of reading a book, playing mobile games or counting sheep, we must realize the difference. Instead of focusing on relaxation, these methods will make your eyes tired. But, feeding additional information to your brain might just trigger your though process, making it difficult to calm down. On the other hand, breathing exercise creates a peaceful harmony in self. Ultimately, your body will relax itself to sleep.


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