These Are The Top Ten Secrets Girls Never Tell their Boyfriends


“The relationship” is a complex thing and it needs a strong commitment to stay in together for a lifetime. The early stages of the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship are tenuous and should have little secrets.

You must keep a very careful balance of honesty and secrecy.  You must keep them interested with mystery but let them know you enough to like you.

Those secrets may seem harmless at first but they fester with time. These secrets are not those big secrets of their lives, but these are some of the harmless ones which she keeps to herself.

Here are the Secrets Girls never Tell their Boyfriends

#10: Initiating Conversation

Secrets Girls never Tell their Boyfriends

Girls don’t like to initiate conversation with a man, they prefer a man to approach them first.

#9: Getting Comfy

Secrets Girls never Tell their Boyfriends

A girl may not be ready for a kiss as yet but that does not mean that she wants to maintain a formal distance with the guy. A bit of hand holding or grab on the waist is something girls really don’t mind.


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