Your Thumb can Reveal a Lot about You!Find Out How


Palmistry is a world renowned art that can possibly reveal a lot about a person’s character and also predict their future. One part of palmistry is reading the thumb, and in fact most about a personality can be revealed by the thumb itself. Furthermore the palmists get to know a man mostly by the thumb itself.

But, how exactly does the thumb reveal such information that would have been otherwise private. In fact, the information that the thumb reveal’s about a persons is something that one can only find out by spending a lot of time with that person.

Keep reading to find out what your thumb says about your personality.

5- Thumb with a shorter upper segment

A thumb with a shorter thumb reflects a lot about your personality as an over thinker. You tend to feel pressured in to making decisions, you tend to get easily stressed on occasions. Well, in reality you should be calm and should take your time when making decisions. Look back at your life, all the great decisions you ever made actually gut decisions. So, go with your gut, but don’t forget to use your thinking when necessary.

Source: Overpow

4- Thumb with a Shorter lower Segment

If you have a thumb with a shorter lower portion and your upper thumb is comparatively larger than the lower one then you are a person who takes long term decisions. Whatever decision you take is taken in long term and will ultimately turn out to be right.

Source: Overpow

3- Thumb that cannot be opened more than 90 degree

A thumb that can make a 90 degrees angle with the index finger is a direct signal of a comfort seeking individual. One with such a thumb tend to have a take-it-easy personality. Such a person will aim for stability in life and avoid change as much as possible.



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