This Is Why The Small Button On Your Jeans Pocket Are For

Blue Jeans

You’d be wearing one right now if you’re the average millennial. You would certainly have at least one Jeans at your place. Jeans were a game changer in the clothing industry. It was just phenomenal, especially the blue jeans.

7- The Ever Green Jeans

The ultimate form that you see today is an outcome of many developments in the product that you’d never have noticed. Furthermore one such incredibly important development to the Jeans are the little buttons fixed at seemingly useless locations.

Blue Jeans
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But, what if I told you, also there is a patent for those buttons and they are the reasons you can wear a Jeans for years and still not be able to damage it.

6- What do the little buttons on Jeans Do?

Apparently, those buttons are called rivets and play a very significant role in preventing your jeans from ripping and wearing out. The use of copper rivets to prevent a jeans pockets from ripping started back in 1872 throughout the globe. Yes these little guys are over 140 years old.

Blue Jeans
Source: Elite Daily

5- The Interesting History of the Riveted Jeans

Keep reading forward to know the interesting history behind these buttons. Otherwise you’d have neglected it as a mere fashion trend that is followed till now.

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