These are definitely the 10 Most Shocking WikiLeaks


Wikileaks, the whistleblowing website, is preparing to release 400,000 files on the Iraq war in a publication that promises to eclipse the release in the summer of 70,000 classified US military files on the Afghanistan conflict. Something interesting and shocking can be expected!

Here are the top 10 Most Shocking WikiLeaks Ever!


#10: Iraq Apache helicopter attack

Most Shocking WikiLeaks

Horrifying video footage showing 15 people including two Reuters journalists being shot dead by a US Army Apache helicopter gunman, taken from the helicopter’s gun camera, appalled the world when it was released on Wikileaks.

#9: Guantanamo Bay operating procedures

Most Shocking WikiLeaks

The “Standard Operating Procedures for Camp Delta”, the US Army manual for soldiers dealing with prisoners at Camp Delta, was released by Wikileaks in 2007.

Human rights groups were concerned to discover that according to official guidelines, prisoners could be denied access to the Red Cross for up to four weeks.

It also showed that inmates could earn “special rewards” for good behavior and cooperation and that one such “reward” was a roll of toilet paper.


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