Here Is Why All Your Shirts Have A Small Loop At The Back

shirt collar loop

In this fast paced and tech savvy life, we often come across so many small things but just look past them without realizing their importance. They could be really crucial for some things but we don’t really care. One fine morning you are getting ready for the office and takes out your crisp, ironed favorite shirt with loop at the back from the wardrobe of your shirts.

But wait!

Did you notice a little loop, where the pleat meets the yoke, at the back of the collar? Do you know why that is there? Probably you never paid any attention to it before and didn’t even care about it. But here’s the reason why it exists.


(Now you know what I am talking about!)

Originally these loops were used by East Coast sailors, who used to hang their shirts on ship hooks while changing. This detail soon found itself off the ships and onto the streets. The trend started with the US made Oxford button down shirts in the 1960′s.

shirt collar loop


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