Sharp Pain In The Ears? Don’t Ignore! It Got Creepy For This Guy!

ear-wax irrigation

The ears are one of the most important and sensitive organs of the human body and also one of the most overlooked ones when it comes to hygiene.

You may think that you are taking bath, so you and your ear are clean. If that is the case, think again.

You make be cleaning it from outside but what about the internal cleaning of wax

We all need to have a good amount of ear wax. Also called cerumen, this yellowish-brown substance is required for cleaning, lubrication, and protection of the ear. Wax works as a layer in the ear canal shielding the ear from bacteria, insects, water, and fungi. It may not look pretty but wax is important.

So, here is a story that how a doctor implemented an ear-wax irrigation technique on his patient, the result was shocking.

Stephen Berg felt something was wrong. He was experiencing sharp pain in the ears.He did not have any idea what it was but knew something was definitely off.

ear-wax irrigation


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