Not Scared Of The Dark? Hold That Thought! Watch This!

scary horror stories

As a child, we all used to love the scary horror stories of ghosts and demons and how these ghosts love to venture out in the open especially in the dark.

This has made the darkness our childhood enemy which scared us like hell. But very few of us has ever experienced any paranormal activity in real life.

I know that many of  you don’t believe in such things at all but only those people, who have gone through such experience can understand what I am talking about.

Recently a video surfaced on the internet which has gone viral and has taken the virtual media by storm.

In the video, a girl is sleeping in her room with her door half open.

But suddenly the door opens on its own and an unknown force tries to uncover the quilt which that lady was covering herself. Within no time the girls wake up and got scared like hell as she could not see anybody around.

She turns on her lights and checks her surroundings but she could not find anyone.

scary horror stories

She tries to calm herself and bolts the door nice and tight and goes back to sleep, but you can understand that she may not be able to sleep like before.


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