A 10 Year Old Sad Secret Was Enough To Break Her Heart… On Her Birthday!


Losing our loved ones in an accident is a traumatic experience altogether. It takes a lifetime to come to terms with the grief and emotional trauma. It all depends on how we deal with it. So, here is a family who dealt with this traumatic experience with the courage and has set an example for the whole world on birthday of this girl.

It makes for one of the most heart-wrenching organ donation stories ever!

There’s a tradition in Latin American families that the 15th birthday of a girl, also known as the ‘Quinceañera’, is celebrated in a big way.

The whole family and friends are invited to feast on this special occasion. But, on the Quinceañera celebration of Monique Salinas who lives in Benavides, Texas, the US something extraordinary happened.

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Everyone was happy and cheerful but there was one very important person missing from the big event. 10 years ago, Monique’s brother Mikey was killed in a car accident.

Monique was only 5 when the terrible accident happened. She and her parents have had a very difficult time since then. They have missed little Mickey terribly ever since.


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