Rescuers Tried To Save This Horse But Something Jumped From Behind! HOLY..S***


We never realize that these dangerous human constructions around us can turn out to be very disastrous for children and poor animals. Animals and small children not only get hurt but sometimes, loses their lives especially this horse.

Here we bring you one such animal rescue story

Near the southwestern coast of Colombia, in the town of Dagua, authorities got a call that made them jump from their seats: a horse had fallen into a sand grinder, a hot machine that crushes rocks.

The poor animal was trapped, helpless, and time was running out. Colombian authorities in the town quickly went to the horse’s location to try and rescue it.

animal rescue story

This machine was made to crush the ‘Hard’ rocks, and you can imagine what that machine could do to the poor horse. With the horse terrified, the police attempted to come up with a plan to rescue her and tried pulling her out of the water, but could not succeed because of her weight.

animal rescue story


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