Remember “Little Hercules”! Well He Is Older And He Is Stunning! Have A Look


Hope you remember the name Richard Sandrak? Even if you don’t remember him worry not, I will tell you who he is and why he is making the news.  Richard Sandrak aka “Little Hercules” is our favorite child bodybuilder who rose to global fame at just eight years old, thanks to his exceptional physique.

The world could not believe that someone so young could be so toned, but Richard’s fitness regime was truly startling (in fact, he could bench press 180 pounds at the age of six).

Little Hercules Richard Sandrak
Now you know why he was called “Little Hercules”

With two parents whose lives revolved around fitness and exercise, it was no surprise that young Richard followed suit.

His dad was a martial arts champ, while his mother was an aerobics instructor – and they even hired a fitness trainer to ensure their son bulked up.

Little Hercules Richard Sandrak


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