Most Relevant Differences Between Being Single And Taken


‘All the good men are taken’; if you truly believe this quote then it’s highly probable that you don’t know how to recognise a single guy in the crowd. They are smart, lonely, and leave a trail of clues to give away their ‘being single’ status. Just read for these signs and you might get lucky at finding the man of your dreams.

7- Beard vs Shaved

First of all a single guy has nothing to lose and same goes for that thick crust of beard. Why waste water and bother one with blades, when there is no one to kiss those smooth cheeks. Committed guys, however, become more sensitive towards their appearance or at least they are made to.Single

Furthermore, going lazy about stubble could totally ruin their personal moments with the girlfriend.

6- Money Matters Being Single And Taken

Men always love to blow their money towards living a satisfied lifestyle, till the point they can afford it. But, a single guy will face a better situation here by spending it in the group or over him. Bro hangouts aren’t much expensive and are mostly supported by a generous contribution from all.


Furthermore committed men often have plans to take care of, which can vary across gifts, movies, pubs, diners, and everything to keep the romance ignited. Heck, it might even come down to recharging the mobile phone and helping with other bills. In the end, therefore it costs money to keep things amusingly beautiful.


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