10 Reasons Why Men and Women Will Never Understand Each Other!


Men and women have been together since time immemorial but still it seems that they don’t have much clue about each other. Men and women, for better or worse, forever and ever, will never be on the same page with one another.

The reason is simple: Women speak in a connotative language, while men are fluent in denotative conversation.

Too psychological ain’t it? Well let’s break it down, shall we!

The difference between how men and women operate is sometimes astounding. Women feel it in their hearts. Men believe it in their heads. Women talk it out. Men act it out.

The bad news (not really) is that somehow we need to figure out how to coexist and live together. But why is it that we can’t seem to understand each other?

The answer to that question is because we are completely different and therefore think and view situations in a different way.

Men generally treat and make decisions on certain situations based on their own point of view and ideas that more often than not are completely different from a woman’s point of view

Here are 10 Solid Reasons Why Men and Women Will Never Understand Each Other

#1. The Truth When It Comes To Shampoo

Why Men and Women Will Never Understand Each Other


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