Real Life Paranormal Encounters, These Are Scary As Hell


Ever skipped a heartbeat ? (Paranormal Encounters)

Had goose bumps or jumped off the chair on seeing scary movies or hearing scary tales?

Horrific stories give chills to many people and thrills to some. Furthermore they can be both based on facts and fiction, but one thing that is common to both is that they, in their conscious and subconscious state do bring fear in our lives and mind.

real life paranormal encounters

The fear of being haunted in the middle of the night, to being scared of walking into a dark room, does scare anybody out. We all have strong instincts and sometimes it is that instinct which tells us what to do and what not to do. And this same instinct, tells us when we are scared of something, and guides us to save or protect ourselves from the dangerous thoughts.

Fear is what we feel, for some, it’s just by hearing and others learn it from their experience. Whatever may be the origin of the fear, it does have its fun and brings in a lot of excitement.

Furthermore there are many tales heard and told which date back to our mythology too, so we can say that the roots of fear go a long way.

So, here are few tales to make you jump off your seats and give you a nail biting experience.

7- Little boy Louie

real life paranormal encounters

A naughty brat in his playful mood went on shouting his cousin Louie’s name and ran all around chasing him, only to his surprise that he just disappeared. Going up and down the stairs he yelled for his aunt and said: “Hey Aunt Laura do you see Louie because I just can’t happen to catch him?” The aunt broke down in tears and cried out that he had been dead for weeks.


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