A possible Real Alien Sighting! Or Just a Poor Sod Almost Beaten To Death!

Real Alien Sighting

With every inch of shrinking habitat, there are increased cases of human and animal encounters(alien sighting). These encounters put the life of people living in these settlements at risk and also endangers the life of the innocent animals.

This one was however thought to be a Real Alien Sighting

In recent times, a video message is revolving in the social media regarding the appearance of an alien-like creature who has been attacking domestic animals of the village.

The video is spread as being shot near Kerala-Karnataka border. But, the news and the video both are false and need to stop from circulation immediately.

The event happened in near a plantation in Malaysia where people found an odd looking animal which crawled in the woods near them.

Real Alien Sighting

Threatened by the odd appearance of the creature, people, and animals of the village attacked this alien like creature. The odd looking animal was actually a very weak and malnutrition sun bear. The images clearly show how harmless and weak the bear looked. While it tried its best to run away from the plantation workers.


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