When The Predator Becomes The Prey! These 9 Snakes Got Eaten By Their Own Food


Snakes are one of the dangerous predators that have roamed this planet earth. They came in many shapes and sizes and each has their different styles to catch a prey.

Some snakes kill their prey through their venom and few through asphyxiation and crushing the bones of their prey.

But some times the predator becomes the prey

The scene of killing their prey is very horrifying but the worst scenario is when the snake is not able to digest it’s ingested food.

So, take a look at the 9 different snakes who had hard times with their food

#9: A rat eating python fought with another python but between the fight, it decided that it would be better to just eat the other snake instead.

Predator becomes the Prey

#8: In June 2014, a four-meter African rock python was found dead under a rocky ledge at Lake Eland Game reserve in South Africa.

Predator becomes the Prey


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