Pictures Taken Moments Before Death! Nothing Gets Weirder


Life is such a strange thing with its own way of showing pictures to us, because you never know what will come next. For ages, scholars have tried to understand life but every time it poses more questions before answering a few.

Death is something which will come to everybody but still people fear it the most. How and when it will come to nobody knows.

Today, with the prevalence of technology and media, it’s not wholly uncommon for a person’s final moments to be captured visually.

Live broadcasts, mobile phone pictures and even photos taken by the victims themselves have all managed to capture people in the final seconds of life

Here are 16 Pictures taken moments before death that will shake you hard!

#16 This WWII veteran who passed away at the age of 99

Pictures taken moments before death

#15 This selfie of mother and son was taken just before the Malaysian Airline plane took off.

Pictures taken moments before death
WE all know about the ill-fated flight 370


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