Only An Observant Genius Will Spot The Difference In These Riddles! Are You The One?


We all at some point in our childhood had this dream to be like sherlock and be the top detective of this whole world. We all have played those adventurous games and like to spot the error game.

If you think you are a good one in finding the error then embrace yourself you surely have to toil hard this time around. but mind you this isn’t going to be easy as you may think.

It takes a true genius to get all of these! I will be super impressed if you can do it.

Here’s the first test to see if you’re ready for harder photos…can you spot the difference?

#1: This one is easy just to get your brains to warm up and running!

Spot the Difference

I will give you an easy one here…. look down….. not there you dirty mind!

#2: Are you sweating now? Can you pick out the tiny difference in this image?

Spot the Difference

C’mon you frustrated engineers….


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