Why You Should NEVER Forget To Check Between Your Toes


Body parts, all big and small must be taken care of for a healthy lifestyle. In today’s world, there are so many illnesses and diseases that are spread out, that it becomes difficult to be aware of all. Toes, those little fingers which are an integral part of our body go unnoticed by us. When that little finger gets knocked at the door or our favorite nail paint gets chipped out is when we notice it.

Blisters, cracks, cuts or moles, all can get infected or lead to serious diseases if not paid attention to. Moles are the beauty marks for few and a sign of worry for many too. So, always check if you have moles which may seem different to you in appearance, color and size.

Check your toes 1

You have to care for your body, and for that you should be alert about any new lumps, bumps or moles on your body and especially on the toes. When I emphasize on moles its only for the fact that we tend to ignore our feet. So, don’t overlook moles when you think of cancer.

8- What is Melanoma

Check your toes 1

Melanoma….Have you heard of this??? It’s a kind of skin cancer which is a result of the development of abnormal moles. That is one of the reasons we are telling you to keep your toes checked and cleaned at all times, and to be aware of any the harmful effects of moles. Melanoma if left unchecked can have fatal consequences. So, if you site it, get it treated at an early stage to save yourself and your other body parts from the advanced stages of treatment.


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