One Of The Most Mysterious Deaths Ever! He Just Took A Swim And An Hour Later!


It’s a beautiful and sunny day, you plan the day with your family and go for swimming. But you never know when a tragedy can strike and take away all the fun. For this family, it resulted in of the most mysterious deaths ever!

Here we bring you a story of one of such incident where a fun day turned into tragedy

Most Mysterious Deaths Ever

Cassandra Jackson and her 10-year-old son Johnny had a fun day planned: they visited a swimming pool near their home. After hours of playing and bathing, it was time to go home. Johnny began to feel ill and told his Mom that he felt sleepy.

She didn’t react, assuming that he was tired from the hours he’d spent playing in the sun. The boy went to his room to rest. An hour later, Cassandra went to check in on him. She discovered his mouth covered in foam – and that he was not breathing.

Most Mysterious Deaths Ever


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