It’s True : 14 Years Of Meth Destroyed This Man’s ‘Model’ Looks

Harmful affects of Drug Abuse

Everybody knows the ill effects of drugs but still people fall for it and ruin their life. So what makes drugs so much sought after thing , we will try to understand why and how it keeps people in its clutches.Meth or in case any intoxicants like alcohol and nicotine produces a pleasure chemical called dopamine which produces a euphoric sensation.

But the problem with meth is that it produces 12 times higher sensation than any other pleasurable activities like eating or sex. What it means that it gives a feeling which is simply unknown to the human mind.

But what goes up must came down and it holds true with the meth too. After the effect wears off, the user experiences intense depression and to escape this sinking feeling the user takes it over and over again. This is how the addictive cycle begins.

1- Here is a man named Medlin, who was first arrested at the tender age of 18 years, in 2002. His chiseled looks and high cheekbone give him a look of a model.


2- Five years later, his premature aging starts. Use of Meth dulls the skin and introduces the sores you can see on Medlin. These sores worsen due to obsessively picking.

Harmful affects of Drug Abuse


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