These Intensely Intimate Tattoos Are A Bit Creepy!


If you ask me to get a tattoo in any part of my body I would not do it for anything in the world. But wait there are people who love tattoo so much that they sometimes cross the line of decency. There are some who love these tattoos to be intimate and inappropriate enough. Trust me these ideas here will give all the improper wings to your imagination.   

So here is the list of such people who are a bit too adventurous.

#7 Boner Garage

 Intensely Intimate Tattoos

Well isn’t that a lovely way to invite boners to your body. This girl shouts out aloud with that tat.


Intensely Intimate Tattoos

You love penis so why not have all the penises in the world because life is nothing but the world full of penises.


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