Husband Cheats Wife Cause She Was Fat! The Wife’s Revenge Will Blow You Away

Husband Cheats Wife cause she Was Fat

You may have heard about the different reasons for divorce like committing adultery or cheating in marriage but this case will shock you like anything.(cheats)

A guy divorced(cheats) wife for being FAT

This is the story of  Lisseth who married Jose. When she got married it was the best day of her life.

However, a few years into their marriage, Jose became her worst nightmare. It all began during Lisseth’s pregnancy with their daughter.

Husband Cheats Wife cause she Was Fat

Lisseth began to put on weight. After her pregnancy, the weight gain continued.

When she went up several dress sizes, Jose began to bully her. He constantly called Lisseth “fat,” and turned her self-esteem to shreds.

Her husband, Jose, called the mother of his child “fat” after she went up to a size 24. One time he even called her an ‘elephant’.


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