Hot tea freezing in mid-air captured in a stunning photograph


It is extremely cold inside north Canada be it any time of the season, however in the wintertime, temperature drops incredibly. Taking the temperature drop in consideration Michael Davies (Ontario) and his buddy Markus decided to create a breath taking event in the top of hill by throwing leftover tea in the air, and photographing it spontaneously freezing.

Credit: This is a wonderful waste of tea. Michael Davies

This place is 20 kms (12.4 miles) south of the Arctic Circle, reasonably close to Pangnirtung, where Davies was employed once as a photographer for his last ten years.

Weather was close to -35°C (-31°F), the tea was extremely hot inside the vacuum flask but froze the second it started to fall towards frosty turf.

The winter time in Pangnirtung apart from being ice-cold are dingy too. “We hardly get more than 2.5 hours of sunshine between sunrise and sunset,” he stated to IFLScience. To capture this amazing event, some sun light was needed, so he drove on a skidoo to the nearest hilltop, where the light is pink throughout around winter solstice.

Davies left nothing in pursuit of this event. “I checked the temperature, looking around for mild wind, prepared the shot and did the setup,” Davies told IFLScience. “Even the sun in the centre of the spray was some thing I’d been wishing for, although it’s just impossible to handle.”


Picture credit: The Aurora Borealis. Michael Davies/

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