Glitter Eyebrows-tips to get that trendy glitter eyebrows in no time


Glitter eyebrows, Go ahead and try this, and you will be amazed to see the results.

Group of women were asked if they were ready to experience the ┬ánew trend of ‘Glitter Eyebrows’. These women were asked to follow few instructions:

They started off with the application and started applying the base glue all over their eyebrow with the help of an eye shadow brush. Some of them felt very sticky and uncomfortable because of the glue.

Glitter Eyebrows
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After applying the glue base they applied the glitter on their eyebrows and they were shocked to see the results.

Glitter eyebrow
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Few of them liked there new avatar and were quite satisfied with it.They went out in public and asked for the public views. One of the passer by replied it “horrible”. One of the reasons could be that the eyebrows grabbed all the attention as it was day time. Most people opinion was that the glitter eyebrows suits more during night time.

Glitter Eyebrow
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After, all the excitement, when the women started to remove the glitter from their eyebrows,they were horrified with the fact that its not an easy task to remove the glued glitter. They faced lot of trouble and even sacrificed lot of eyebrow hair while removing the glitter.

Finally, the glitter eyebrow trend didn’t last for long as it had bad after effects of the glue which was applied at the start.

So,all the folks out there who are planning to go for a trendy glitter eyebrows, do watch this video before you try this.





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