11 Unknown Facts About Pee You Had No Idea About


Were you aware that one of the components of skin moisturizers is Urea that is an exfoliator in Pee?

Shocking isn’t? Similarly, there are many facts about Pee that you would not be aware of; I have compiled some of them.

Let’s take a look at them below:

11- Urine- A Source of Nutrients

The human body is not able to soak up all the nutrients so rather excretes more than what are absorbed through urination process. The brainstorming idea of drinking one’s nutrient filled urine struck many people all over the world and today countries like Germany, India, etc. are practicing this therapy. In this way, we gain what is lost! Instead of letting it flush they consume it, but the word of caution here for such people is that there should have a higher intake of water and very low intake of salty food. The urine must be morning urine and caught midstream.

Pee Facts 1

10- The Stream Shape

Men’s urine stream is narrower than women’s. Having sex and pregnancy widens the stream. So the women have a wider stream.

Pee Facts 2


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