Couple Sleeping Positions Can Map Your Love Life! Here Are The Answers


Every morning waking beside the love of your life is an amazing experience and nothing can be more beautiful than this. But do you know that how you sleep with your partner tells a lot about your love life? When we sleep, our subconscious mind, in a way, controls the way we sleep with our partner. In fact, this sleeping positions can precisely predict the status of the relationship.

So let us discuss the various sleeping positions and what does it say about you and your relationship.

#1: Classic Spoon (woman on the inside)

Couple Sleeping Positions

In this position, SHE can let him wrap HIMSELF around her with her need for cuddling completely fulfilled. HE, on the other hand, can show his protective instincts by keeping her warm and snug. It says I trust you.

#2: Back to Back

Couple Sleeping Positions

It indicates that you still love each other and are sexually attracted, but also respect each other’s space. This can also signify snoring problems between the couple. It means: I love you and I love my space.


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