Extremely Useful Life Hacks To Make Every Day Life Easier


Living as a human being in the modern world can be a very big challenge. It is not as easy as it seems to survive in the 21st century. Following are 7 life hack that you use in your day to day life and become an expert at surviving as a human.

#7. How to Cook the Perfect Fried Egg

I used to cook those messy looking fried eggs before I got to know this simple trick.

Life Hack All it requires in extra is an onion, from which you’ll take out the largest onion ring (or whatever size you prefer) and then use it to create a boundary around the egg. This boundary is edible and only adds to the taste.

Life Hack

#6. Avoid Messy Dustbins with Old Newspapers

A great life hack for the kitchen dustbin that often gets all messy with fluid kitchen waste, peels and other stuff. Don’t let that happen by placing an old newspaper at the bottom.

Life Hack

#5. Avoid Ketchup Spills When Refilling

Another kitchen life hack to avoid time wasting mess. You can use the lid to transfer ketchup from bottle to squeezy without spilling by swapping the lid.

Life Hack


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