Ex-CIA Pilot Confesses No Planes Hit Twin Towers! The Truth Will Shock

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What if I told you the falling of the twin towers was an insider job, it was not a revenge or religious propaganda but a pure conspiracy. Well, if you are like most of the people blindly believing whatever crap media feeds in your brains then it’s easy to ignore all the conspiracy theories out there. Such are the theories surrounding the falling of the twin towers, an alleged terrorist attack known to the world as 9/11.

The CIA Agent who taught us the truth about 9/11 twin towers

An ex-CIA agent and civilian pilot through an affidavit stated that the falling of the twin towers was physically impossible because of the way those planes and those towers were built.

twin towers

The person who is making this statement is someone you’d like to take seriously. Given his history, we cannot afford to take him lightly. He is John Lear. He is the grandson of the Learjet found Bill Lear. He has an experience spanning decades of flying over 100 different types of airplanes.

He has carried out many CIA missions in Africa, East Europe, Middle East and Asia.

In the statement Lear claims that those flights (AA11 and UA175) could never have caused that level of destruction to any of the towers.

twin towers

We quote him word for word from the statement in which he said, -‘No Boeing 767 airliners hit the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors’.

He believes that those crashes were fake and in a real case scenario of the same. The plane would have fallen down to the ground upon direct contact with the building’s strong 14 inch steel columns which were 39 inches in the center.


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