You’ll Be Surprised To Know What Eating 3 Whole Eggs Every Day Does To Your Body

Eggs and Health 1

Always look your sunny side up best, and brighten your day by just eating that yummylicious egg a day. Eggs are an abundant source of protein. As we all know is the wholesome staple food for many of us. Egg white and the yolk both are packed with great richness and nutritional value.

Be it poached, fried, boiled or scrambled, the egg has all the necessary vitamins our body needs be it vitamin A, E B6 and much more.

Eggs and Health 1

This food is so rich in iron, thiamine, and phosphorus that our body gets most of its nutrition from this small baby. Though many health experts believe that eating too much of egg leads to high cholesterol in the human body which can affect the liver.

8- Dispelling the One Misconception

But this is not entirely correct. An egg produces around 180 to 186mg of cholesterol, whereas our liver, on the other hand, produces between 1000mg to 2000mg on its own, which doesn’t harm our body in any way. If a high cholesterol food is eaten by a human being, the liver reduces its production. Thus not increasing the amount of cholesterol in our body.

So forget about all what people or experts say because nothing can be more filling, full of nutrition and rich in vitamins than an egg. So here are few enlightening facts about an egg which would make you want to eat it more and benefit from its richness in vitamins, folate, magnesium, and iron.

7- Want to remain fit-everyday eat an egg and that’s it

Since times immemorial egg has been considered a wholesome meal. Having all the essential nutrients within it. All dieticians advise on having at least once a day. Though predominantly it figures on the platter mostly during breakfast with ingenuity, means can be found to have it during lunch and dinner also. This would help in breaking the monotony and add variety to the household menu.

Eggs and Health 2


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