This Is One Of World’s Most Gross Challenges By Popper! How Could You Make This Big!

Dr. Sandra Lee

Social media has been such a game changer in our lives. New things trend here almost daily. A relatively new trend on social media has emerged called “Popping”, where netizens showcase videos or pictures of them popping various bumps and holes on their body(pimple popper).

People who are obsessed with this say that it’s actually quite soothing and relaxing to do and watch. While for others, it’s kinda really gross, considering that it’s the process of extracting gunk and other things from someone’s body

No one out there actually likes a pimple — except for maybe one person: Dr. Sandra Lee

Dr. Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee, MD, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper has made her career on the gross little blemishes and built a huge following from the videos of her dealing with them.

Furthermore the gross, yet oddly fascinating, videos on her YouTube channel collectively have more than 675 million views since Dr. Lee started her channel in 2010.

The one thing about Dr. Sandra’s latest video is that having a lipoma is rather unlikely for most of us.  


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