If You See Something Like THIS On Your Door Handle, Call 911 for Burglary


Whatever burglary story you might have heard till now, most of them would have been of incidents that took place without the residents ever coming to know about it. But, I would like to share with you the story of Kim Fleming, she heard loud knocking sounds on the door. As if someone needed urgent help. However, she got suspicious and decided to stay back. Later what she found on the door knob was something that was beyond her wildest dreams.

Doorknob Rubber band burglary

3- The Doorknob Rubber band burglary technique:

This is a very simple technique used by professional thieves who choose to be rather aggressive with their burglary attempts. This rubber band acts as a mechanism to make sure they are able to burst open the door and barge right in.


2- Kim Fleming Posted About this Incident on Facebook and enlightened the World About this Serious Issue

Her post might have saved several burglaries given the kind of response people gave to her post. This is Facebook being used for social good.


1- Stay Aware and be Safe

The simple act of being careful while answering doors is something that would pay off. So, take the lesson and take care. Don’t forget to share it with people you care about.


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