Coin Jammed In Your Car Door? Warning Don’t Ignore!!

car theft tricks

Well, it’s not ordinary to spot a coin on the ground and keep walking unless you are superstitious enough to pick that coin which you consider is lucky for you. But, it’s quite uncommon to find a penny stuck on the handle of your Car’s Door.


1- DON’T IGNORE IT, read out why?

It’s very obvious that people go and find out coins stuck in there door handles of passengers door. Which seems harmless though but it is risky nowadays.

There are a number of car thieves roaming nowadays. They try to find new methods to break away into your car and steal away your most valuable possession?

There have been a number of ways through which car robbery has become successful using these things like a penny. I am sure you don’t want to their next prey, so go on reading!

If you are sitting in your car or if you have gone out for shopping there are a case that thief can slide penny in the handle of the door on passenger side.



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