These Charging Mistakes Will KILL Your IPhone !


I know how much you love your IPhone but you are killing it each day bit by bit. Confused?- then let me tell you that your charging habit is the main culprit. The most common and the number one complaint about the IPhone charging users is the battery life that it offers.

And the fact that the IPhone 6S has a lower battery capacity than the iPhone 6 is an another worrisome fact.

So let me tell you all the IPhone charging mistakes that you have been committing so far

#1: You’re charging to 100%

iPhone Charging Mistakes

The most common offensive act that people commit against killing its phone’s battery is leaving the phone plugged in even its fully charged.

Leaving your phone plugged in all day or constantly recharging it to maintain that full battery is actually doing more damage in the long run.

Experts suggest letting your phone coast between the 30 to 80 percent point as that’s how it’s most comfortable and when it will run it’s best.

#2: You’re letting your phone die

iPhone Charging Mistakes

Lithium ion batteries become volatile when they drop down to low power, so you should avoid getting that “low battery” warning too often.

Experts do suggest allowing your iPhone to completely discharge once every two months to allow the battery to calibrate.


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