How Caterpillar Fungus Makes You a Better Lover

Caterpillar Fungus

When the winter swap its inning with summer there starts yet another rush of “soft gold” in the mountain range of Himalayas. The search at high altitude of more than 3000 metres above sea level is although not for the yellow metal but for not less precious yellow-brown Caterpillar Fungus also known as kira-jari, a wonder drug.

Caterpillar FungusMajority of this herb is smuggled and it costs as high as $30,000/kg. This Caterpillar Fungus or kira-Jari is popular globally as the Indian-Viagra or Himalayan-Viagra due to its immense sexual-performance booster capabilities. The name kira jari or “kira-jhar” is rightly named because of its caterpillar like appearance. In reality it is a fungus (herb or jari) growing inside a worm (Kira). The most astonishing aspect of this kira-jari is its immense medicinal properties. This wonder drug is well known in Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Nepalese scriptures and medicinal texts.

Caterpillar Fungus or Kira-Jari before and after harvesting

The most unique aspect of this wonder-drug is its multi-potent medicinal properties. This Indian Viagra unlike “sildenafil citrate” can be used simultaneously as male -Viagra and female-viagra and thus a rare combination. This Caterpillar Fungus or “kira-Jari” is most sought wealth in the higher altitudes of Sub-alpine region (as high as around 4500 metre above sea level) of himalayan mountain range.

With the onset of summer, the melting of ice starts and villagers residing in these areas throngs the meadows to dig out this soft gold from soil. Thus a period from April (onset of summer) until the end of June (Onset of monsoon) there has been a heavy rush for this gold throughout the Himalayan region. The region cross the territories of many countries like India, China, Nepal and Bhutan.

In India, it is mostly found in Garhwal himalayan region in addition to some part of Kumaon region, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh. Clinical and therapeutic properties of this wonderful sex-drug are not confined to its potent aphrodisiac but much beyond that. This caterpillar like herb used as a broad therapeutic and pharmacological preparation against many maladies and pathological conditions. It is known to enhance Stamina, longevity, libido, endurance, appetite etc.


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