You could never guess what your Butt Shape Indicates About Your Health!


You may be surprised that the size and shape of the butt can reveal a lot about the health of an individual. It is a common belief that fat storage anywhere in our body is not good for us, but after reading this article, you will have to reconsider this thought.

bum shape

Furthermore, it has been shown by the researchers that the place where the fat is stored in one’s body helps in determining the health of an individual. Furthermore the fat stored near the trunk or chest is dangerous as compared to fat stored in the hips or butts.

Thus, it is not a bad thing to have heavy bottoms but yes you can surely do certain things to make your bottom stronger and your body healthier.

Let’s find out below the relationship of your butts with your health:

7- Square or H Shape

squareThe Square shape or more often called as “H” shaped butt are a result of either extra fat stored in the love handles or from higher hip bones. This gives your backside a flat look rather a round one that everyone desires. To get the right shape, you must do a lot of squats. “H” shaped butt also means that the person doesn’t have strong glutes but with right “glute exercises,” these muscles can be strengthened.

6- Round or O Shape

The Round Shape or more popularly known as “O” shaped butt signifies that there is a lot of fat in the higher parts of glutes. Fortunately, this gives a buoyant look to your bottom. It is also relatively easier to flaunt that perfect curved shape with only a few strengthening exercises of glute area.


Furthermore people with this shaped butt are generally healthier, but the fat is stored in the upper area rather in the lower area of the butts.


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