This Photo Of Bridge City Cop Couple Is Going Viral! Look Closely To Know Why!

Bridge City Cop Couple

Life of a cop may appear very adventurous to common people who don’t have much of an idea that how, at times, this job can be dangerous like bridge city cop couple.

Many of us have a very pop culture view of law enforcement agency that has been portrayed in the Hollywood movies. They have been portrayed doing some cool things with their cool gadgets.

A Cop’s life is fraught with dangers which he or she faces every day to protect the common citizen. They sacrifice their night so that we can sleep without any fear.

Like every coin has two sides, similarly, the law enforcement agencies also have some bad people among them who drags down the good work done by other people in the service.

Recently, there has been a lot of negativity surrounding law enforcement in the United States.

This did not go down very well with a couple who both are in the police. In response to the hateful comments, Brittany Beard Hilton and husband Steve, who are both police officers in Bridge City, Texas, posted a photo to her Facebook page — never expecting it would go massively viral with over 100,000 shares.

Bridge City Cop Couple


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