She placed a bread slice on her feet! What happened next is shocking

Home Made Remedies for Calluses and Corn

We all are very conscious of our appearance and health these and as a result of that go into expensive spas, treatments and diet plans.We take care of our whole body but tend to forget that part which carries our weight and takes the entire load off us. Yes, those are our feet, the body part we forget to care for.

1-  What are Calluses?


Today I am going to write and tell you about Calluses, a kind of skin overgrowth that takes place around our toes. They might not be that painful at first but if not treated properly can lead to excruciating pain, leading to restriction of movement.

2- How these corns and calluses Crop Up on our feet?

Home Made Remedies for Calluses and Corn

Calluses and corns are usually a result of friction caused inside our shoes, ill fitting of the shoes and because of constantly wearing shoes.


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