These Man-Made Weapons Of Mass Murder Are Banned! Here Is Why


It’s the irony that human race fears extinction, not from some kind of alien attack but from himself. Our unusual love with the weapons of mass destruction on the pretext of security, have the potential to wipe out the whole world in a matter of hours.

So let us take a look at the weapons of mass destruction, which are banned because they are thought to be inhumane.

#15 Mustard Gas

Sulfur mustard, which is commonly known as mustard gas is a colorless oily liquid which is used during WWI. The mustard gas fills the enemies lungs with water and causes them to drown from the inside!

Weapons of Mass Murder

#14 Nerve gas

Blisters, spasms, and internal bleeding all occur when nerve gas is released…hence the name! They have many different names, but all nerve gasses are banned by the Hague and Geneva because of how terrible they are.

Weapons of Mass Murder


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