Lady Disappeared In 1850 Leaving No Trail, Years Later Something Shocking Came Up

mysterious stories lady disapeared

America in the nineteenth century was a different place altogether. It had little resemblance with the America we know of today. Native American tribes were scattered throughout the continent and fighting between these tribes, and American settlers was a daily occurrence.

1- Furthermore in the midst of all this, an amazing story belonging to Olive Oatman. A young woman who was captured by members of the Yavapai tribe in 1851, is worth our attention.


Olive Oatman was born in Illinois in 1837. At the tender age of 14, Olive’s family were traveling alone to seek a better life in California.

About 90 miles east of Yuma, the Oatman’s were attacked. The attack was severe, leaving most of the family members dead. Lorenzo, the 15-year-old older brother, was the only survivor of the attack. Furthermore he noticed that both of his sisters Olive (14) and Mary Ann (7) had been captured by the Yavapai tribe.

mysterious stories lady disapeared


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