Wrap Your Teeth With Aluminium Foil And See The Magic

Aluminium Foil

This method using aluminium foil at your home will surprise you like anything. This home remedy has proved to be very effective for the people with yellowish teeth. People with grey teeth shouldn’t try this method as it is not that effective, it might disappoint you to no end( LOL ).Aluminium


Aluminium Foil is the main ingredient which helps in whitening your teeth and get that beautiful smile back.

Ingredients : You will need to mix your regular toothpaste with baking soda and put the solution paste on your teeth. For first you will feel no way this is stupid but just do as it is written, you won’t have any doubts left after you just do as instructed.Aluminium

After that you will have to apply piece of aluminium foil as per the size of your teeth. And one hour later you can remove the foil and brush with a normal paste.Aluminium


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